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Both creamy and mild, Edam Original has been a household favourite for decades.
The more mature it gets, the stronger & more potent the flavour. Cheese stuffed falafel? Mac & Cheese? The ultimate cheese Toastie? It's all Edam!
The original Edam always was, is, and forever will be, the most versatile cheese served around the globe.

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The Variants


For a tasty cheese that's full of goodness, Edam is perfect. Two slices (40g) of Edam cheese in a daily balanced diet delivers around half of your recommended amount of calcium per day. Daily consumption of two slices of Edam cheese provides minerals, including phosphorous needed for strong bones and teeth. It's a cheese packed with nutrition to add to a salad or sandwich. Although young Edam has a subtle flavor, the more aged the cheese, the more intense the taste, a good reason to try its varieties. It has a mouthwatering melting texture that transforms traditional toasties, and adds depth to new and enticing dishes. When grilled, Edam melts effortlessly on its own, or paired with exciting ingredients such as jalapeño peppers.

The Variants The Variants
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The Variants The Variants


  • Energy

    1349kj / 324 kcal

  • Protein


  • Carbohydrates


  • Fat


  • Calcium


  • Phospherous

    86% of recommended daily amount

  • Zinc

    38% RDA

  • Vitamin A

    28% RDA

  • Vitamin B2

    15% RDA

  • Vitamin B12

    76% RDA

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