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Edam heritage


An Iconic Shape

Edam cheese is instantly recognisable thanks to its red wax rind and cannonball shape. These classic characteristics are both practical and visual, a result of clever Dutch design. The round shape originates from the time it was exported on transport ships, as it took up less space and minimised damage.

Edam was first dipped in red colouringagents, extracted from wood chips of a special variety, in order to keep the cheese moist on its long journey. This technique slowed the aging process, and prevented the formation of mold. These colouringagents have now been replaced with a red layer of paraffin. Historically, Edam cheese was made in special wooden blocks. Now it is formed in ‘hoops’ that sculpt the cheese into its distinctive appearance.

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Edam Heritage Content Image The Dutch town of Edam gave its name to this unique cheese. It’s sold in over 90 countries, where it has become a familiar and friendly product in chilled cabinets from Thailand to Russia. Edam was first exported in the 14th Century. Dutch law still carefully states how the rind, shape, consistency, fat percentage, and colour of Edam cheeses should be, ensuring every mouthful is an authentic tasting moment. Edam adds its own ‘seal of approval’ so consumers know they are eating the genuine product. In Sweden and the Philippines, it is given as a gift at Christmas. In Latin America it is more commonly known as ‘ball cheese’. This deceptively versatile cheese is one of the most popular in the world.

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A key part of Edam’s popularity is its versatility. It can be sliced, grated, baked, or melted in toasties and sandwiches. This makes it a choice cheese for combining with classic ingredients like ham for a CroqueMonsieur or teaming with new tastes such as kimchi. The subtle flavor complements a range of ingredients, helping busy cooks to plan an assortment of affordable meals to keep families full and delighted from breakfast to dinner. It fits all moments to give a satisfying eating experience, whether in snacks, hot meals or as part of party celebrations. Its taste livens any lunch-box when combined with crackers or crisp bread. The firm, yet creamy, texture offers hosts lots of ideas for entertaining friends and family. Stack it between slices of tomatoes and cucumber for a colourful cheese platter, or take inspiration from Mexico, where the cannonballs are hollowed out, and stuffed with a savory mixture of meat, olives and capers. Edam is a winning addition to everyone’s shopping list.